Weekly Warm-ups

Files that can be used at home:

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Weekly Warm-ups

Monday - Math Facts Practice

Warm-Up: Xtra Math

Finish up the Magic Squares

Get together with your team (different from last week!):
Alec, Nick, Lucas
John, Marie, Griffin
Joey, Tyler

Creating Math Facts

2 facts - Marie
3 facts - Joey
4 facts - Nick
5 facts - Griffin
6 facts - Lucas
7 facts - Alec
8 facts - John
9 facts - Tyler

Tuesday - Word Problem Practice

Warm-Up: XTRA MATH!!!!

Wednesday - IEP Goals Practice

Warm-Up: XtraMATH.

Nearpod for Word Problems

Thursday - Social Skills

Warm-up: Picture of Emotions

Take an emotion from the bucket.

Get an iPad.

Take a picture of you doing that emotion with your face.

Send it to Flickr

If you finished, do another emotion!

Next activity:

Get into the following teams.

John, Joey, Marie

Alec, Griffin

Lucas, Tyler

Friday -


Number of the Day is 55!